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Thermoelectric Cooling

all copper water block waterblock for rapid heat removal and keeping peltier devices cool
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Thermoelectric Cooling
Thermoelectric Cooling
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Thermoelectric Cooling
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Custom Thermoelectric makes Peltier coolers (TEC's, TE coolers, or Peltier modules), thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) and accessories for on-device temperature control waste heat harvesting.


We also offer many unusual sizes and custom configurations that you will not find anywhere else. If you can't find it, call us. Many Custom TECs can be made in as little as two weeks or less, often with no minimum order and no tooling charges.

All of our Standard TECs, Seebeck Power Generators, Power Supplies, and Accessories are In Stock and ready to ship!

We utilize 100% part inspection (no sampling) and testing to ensure a high quality product that will last the life of your equipment.

Feel free to call us at 443-926-9135 for application assistance or engineering help in your thermoelectric application.


Peltier Peltier
Peltier Be sure to look at the Technical Information pages for lots of useful tips, equations, material properties, Peltier Thermoelectric TEC selection, design tools, and other information to make your Peltier application easier.




Come see us! We will be at the Energy Harvesting & Storage Conference in Santa Clara, CA on Nov. 18 & 19th


We now have the 3rd generation of voltage boost converter circuits ready to ship. Start-up voltages as low as 0.040 volts (40mV !)


We have in stock 3 new TEGs with much higer voltage output. Please see 1991G-7L31-12CQ, 2411G-7L31-10CX1 and 2411G-7L31-15CX1












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