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Replacement Thermoelectric Parts

Custom Thermoelectric has been providing replacement thermoelectric module parts for many years. If we do not have a drop-in replacement, then we can usually make it. We can also supply a cross reference equivalent part to almost any TE cooler from manufacturers such as Marlow, Melcor, Laird, TE Technology, Tellurex, Ferrotec, and others.

Don't know what you have? We can help you.

Take a look at our "What kind of Peltier do I have" guide.

Or, send it in to us for a free analysis. We can examine your peltier module and then tell you the following;

  • The number of couples (elements)
  • The maximum amperage and voltage
  • The maximum cooling capacity Qcmax
  • Any other special characteristics
  • A suggested replacement part!

Please call 443-926-9135 for further assistance.



Parts from common consumer products
Part Number Marking L x W (mm) Our Replacement Part Number Notes
TES1-12702 25 x 25
TES1-12703 25 x 25 12711-5L31-03CK  
TES1-12703 30 x 30 12711-5L31-03CL  
TES1-12704 30 x 30 12711-5L31-04CL  
TES1-12705 30 x 30 12711-5L31-05CL  
TEC1-07104 30 x 30 07111-5L31-04CL  
TEC1-07105 30 x 30 07111-5L31-05CL  
TEC1-07106 30 x 30 07111-5L31-06CL  
TEC1-07108 30 x 30 07111-5L31-09CL  
TEC1-07112 30 x 30 07111-5L31-12CL  
TEC1-12703 40 x 40 12711-5L31-03CQ  
TEC1-12704 40 x 40 12711-5L31-04CQ  
TEC1-12705 40 x 40 12711-5L31-05CQ drink coolers, Wine coolers
TEC1-12706 40 x 40 12711-5L31-06CQ Very common part used in Igloo coolers, wine coolers, mini fridges, and cigar humidors
TEC1-12708 40 x 40 12711-5L31-09CQ  
TEC1-12709 40 x 40 12711-5L31-09CQ  
TEC1-12712 40 x 40 12711-5L31-12CQ Laser cooling


Parts from TEC Manufacturers

Manufacturer What we offer

Cambion (Cambridge Thermionics Corporation - Midland-Ross) Manufactured peltier thermoelectric modules and assemblies. Ceased operations in 1991.

Replacement of most thermoelectric devices. Available with both metallized and un-metallized ceramics. Call for assistance.


Parts from Equipment Manufacturers (partial list)

Manufacturer What we offer
Replacement of matched thermoelectric module sets. Call for assistance.
Replacement of thermoelectric devices.
Replacement of thermoelectric devices for Lab Line Thermal Cycler Programmable Thermal Blok II, model numbers 210, 212, 214, and 216.
Sante Fe Laser
Replacement of thermoelectric devices.

Mosquito magnet
American Biophysics Corp

Replacement thermoelectric Peltier modules. Use our part # 12711-9L31-05CL [200C rated]






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