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ELC-VB0410-2 Bipolar Voltage Booster 40mV


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ELC-VB0410-2  Bipolar Voltage Booster 40mV

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Bipolar Boost Converter

  • Part Number: ELC-VB0410-2
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 11.5 x 7.8mm (1.06 x .45 x 0.31") (L x W x Th).
  • Minimum input voltage: 40mV (0.040 volts)
  • Maximum input voltage: 0.8 volts.
  • Maximum output voltage: 10.0 volts.
  • Weight:: 1.75 gram
  • Color coded: GOLD

Bipolar Boost Converter

This DC/DC Voltage Booster circuit takes very low input voltage and converts it up to a more usable voltage so you can light an LED or charge a battery.

  • Bipolar input. [Hook up wires either way, it will work].
  • Starts boosting when the input voltage is 40mV or higher.
  • Output is 1 to 10 volts depending on load.
  • Zener diode to clamp the maximum output to 10 volts.
  • Very small package size, about the size of a 16 pin DIP socket.
  • High efficiency DC to DC conversion
  • Ready for you to attach lead wires (not included) on both input and ouput.
  • Developed in cooperation with TXL Group, a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric solutions for capturing waste heat energy.


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