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1581T-9L31-05CQQ-S 2 Stage Thermal Cycling Thermoelectric Module [RTV sealed]


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image of high temp 2 stage cascade peltier cooling module part number 1581T-9L31-05CQQ-S 40x40mm RTV sealed

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Thermal & Electrical Specifications

19.18 5.0 15.9 100 200 2.65

Dimensions mm[inches]

40.0 [1.575] 40.0 [1.575] 40.0 [1.575] 40.0 [1.575] 9.0 [0.354]
image of multistage TEC dimensions

  • Designed to withstand Thermal Cycling with our proprietary stress absorbing construction
  • Made using select high performance BiTe semiconductor materials for exceptional performance
  • 31 couple top stage. 127 couple bottom stage
  • Multistage ThermoElectric Cooler (TEC)
  • Multistage to achieve greater delta T's
  • Rated to 200°C for high temperature environments and applications
  • Lapped ceramic (Al2O3) faces
  • RTV sealed

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    TEC Installation

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