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Thermal Reference Sources

Thermal Reference Sources

image of round TTRS
image of open air Thermal Reference Source
image of Square TRS units

Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Sources (TRS or TTRS) are hermetically sealed infrared calibration devices. They are most often used for real time calibration of infrared (IR) temperature sensors, IR detector arrays , and FLIR systems. Custom Thermoelectric's TRS devices contain a highly efficient radiating surface and feedback sensor (RTD). The emissive surface can be rapidly driven in both the cooling or heating direction (2 ºC/sec. typical) or hold a specific target temperature indefinitely. Incorporating a solid state thermoelectric module that has been ruggedized to withstand 25G in all directions. Wavelengths of 3 - 5 micron and 8 - 12 micron are typical. Standard and custom designs are available upon request.

Just some of the features available are;

  • Emitter sizes from 0.10 to 4.0 inches.
  • Proprietary high efficiency radiating surfaces with typical emmisivities of ≥.97
  • Outstanding point to point uniformity within emitter surface (0.5 ºC typical, up to 0.05 ºC)
  • Pixel to pixel uniformity's of ± 0.1 ºC
  • Blackbody temperature reference source temperature ranges of -65 to + 150 ºC
  • Slew rates of 2 ºC/sec. typical, faster rates available.
  • Patented ruggedization method to withstand high G requirements.
  • Window materials available with high transmittance and low reflectance coatings.
  • Un-sealed (open air) designs available.

  • If you think you have an unusual design requirement or cannot find what you want elsewhere, call us or email us.