Custom Thermoelectric - Peltier

Tellurex Part Number Cross Reference

Unfortunately, Tellurex Corporation closed their doors in June/July of 2018. We have had many requests by former customers to supply a drop-in replacement part to what they formerly purchased from Tellurex.

The table below lists the Tellurex part and our cross referenced replacement part. In most cases we had either an exact or very close match. In other cases we have created a new part to meet the specifications.

Please contact us if you have a Tellurex part that is not listed below.  This list is a work in progress.

Tellurex Part Number Custom Thermoelectric Part Number
C2-18-0902 07111-5R30-24CF3
C2-25-1602 12711-5Q31-02CK
C2-30-0909 07111-5L31-09CL
C2-30-1503 12711-5Q30-35CL

Tellurex used a 3 digit suffix code at the end of their part number.  For example C2-50-1514-312  Using the table below, 312 is Z-coated (Parylene), no TIM (Thermal Interface Material), and with PVC insulated wires.

1st Digit (Sealant Type) 2nd Digit (Interface Type) 3rd Digit (Lead Wire Type)
1 - None 1 - None 1 - None
2 - Silicone 2 - Graphite TIM 2 - PVC insulation
3 - Z-coated  (Parylene coating) 3 - Teflon insulation
4 - Z-coated and Z-sealed 4 - Crossed
5 - Z-sealed (Urethane) only