Custom Thermoelectric - Peltier


Custom Thermoelectric manufactures products for Cooling, Heating, and Power Generation based on solid state semiconductor materials. We also manufacture a full line of accessory products to enable customers to build complete thermal control systems that suit their unique requirements.


We are pleased to release our new website.  The new website is a complete ecommerce website integrating all of our existing products and also many new products.  We have worked hard to make this website easy to use and most importantly, easy to find the products you want. In the next few weeks and months, we will be adding further products and more informational content.  As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions at temodule(at)

Our Products

  • Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs)
  • Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs)
  • Thermoelectric Assemblies
  • Water Blocks
  • Electronics
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Accessories
  • Thermal Reference Sources