Custom Thermoelectric - Peltier


Custom Thermoelectric manufactures products for Cooling, Heating, and Power Generation based on solid state semiconductor materials. We also manufacture a full line of accessory products to enable customers to build complete thermal control systems that suit their unique requirements.



Custom Thermoelectric will soon release a standalone Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source (TTRS) intended to be used as an accurate black body temperature reference for thermal IR cameras and sensors.  This will greatly increase the accuracy of systems screening for active COVID-19 patients.  Stay tuned!

Our Products

  • Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs)
  • Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs)
  • Thermoelectric Assemblies
  • Water Blocks / Liquid Cold Plates
  • Electronics
  • Thermal Interface Materials TIM
  • Accessories
  • Thermal Reference Sources