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ATP-080-24 Air to Plate Cooling/Heating Unit 75 Watts


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ATP-080-24 Air to Plate Cooling/Heating Unit 75 Watts

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Air to Plate Cooling/Heating Unit

  • Part Number: ATP-080-24
  • 75 Watts of cooling capacity at 0°C delta T.
  • Power needed: DC 24 volt, 5.0 amp
  • Cold plate dimensions: 177 x 104mm (7.0 x 4.12")
  • Cold plate mounting holes: Tapped M4 85 x 110mm (3.35 x 4.33")
  • High performance bonded fin aluminum heat sink
  • Overall dimensions: 204 x 156 x 153mm (8.03 x 6.14 x 6.02")
  • Weight: 3450 grams (7.6 lbs)

Air to Plate Cooling/Heating Unit

Complete assembly Cold plate for cooling or heating of objects that can be directly mounted to the plate surface.

  • Fully assembled ready to connect to power.
  • Terminal block for quick and easy electrical connections.
  • Fans and TEC power have separate terminals to allow independent control.
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Foam insulation to minimize backward heat transfer and reduce noise and vibration.
  • Also known as; peltier cold plate thermoelectric cold plate, solid state cold plate, specimen cooler, sample cooler, lab cold plate, lab cooler.


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