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Multistage TECs

Multistage TECs

Multistage (cascade) TECs can produce a larger Delta T than a single stage Standard TEC.  Each additional stage adds greater capability in temperature difference (Delta T) but each successive stage adds less capability than the one before it. This leads to a limit of around 8 to 9 stages, but for most puposes 5 stages is the practical limit due to costs versus useful delta T increase.

The most common multi-stage peltier modules are 2 and 3 stage.  A typical 2 stage TEC delta T capability can range between 80°C to 95°C.  A 3 stage can reach 95°C to 110°C, a 4 stage can reach 110°C to 120°C, and a 5 stage can achieve around 120°C to 128°C.  These limits do depend on temperatures, the specific multi stage TEC, the heat sink, and ambient conditions.  Multi-stage thermoelectric modules often have much lower Qcmax capability compared to similarly sized single stage TECs.  This is because increasing Delta T capability with multi-stage TE coolers decreases Qc capability.  Each stage must move all the heat rejected from the stage above it and additionally lower temperature itself.  

 image of 2 stage TEC

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