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Solder Bi58/Sn42 melt point 138°C


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Solder Bi58/Sn42 melt point 138°C

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Solder Bi58/Sn42

Sold by the Foot (305mm)

  • Part #: SDR-5842
  • Melt point: 138°C (280°F)
  • Diameter: 0.030" (0.762mm)
  • Length: 1 foot (305mm)
  • Bi 58% and Sn 42%
  • Sold by the foot
  • Lead free
  • RoHS compliant

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Solder Bi58/Sn42

Low melting temperature solder. Ideal for use in a step solder process.

  • Alloy of Bismuth and Tin.
  • Melts at 138°C (280°F).
  • Also known as: Indalloy 281, Bi58/Sn42.
  • Use with an RMA or RA flux.
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant.
  • This is the same solder used in our Standard TECs that have a Tmax of 125°C.