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SDR-6337-1LB Solder melt point 183°C 1lb spool


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image of solder wire roll and coiled solder. Solder alloy of Tin Lead Sn63/Pb37 183C melt point eutectic

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Solder Sn63/Pb37

Sold by the 1 pound spool

  • Part #: SDR-6337-1lb
  • Melt point: 183°C (361°F)
  • Diameter: 0.030" (0.762mm)
  • Length: approximately 385 feet (117 meters)
  • Tin 63% and Lead 37% alloy

Solder Sn63/Pb37

Medium high melting point temperature solder. The most commonly used solder until recently due to its lead content. It is the easiest of all solders to work with.

  • Alloy of Tin (Sn) 63% and Lead (Pb) 37%.
  • Melts at 183°C (361°F).
  • Also known as: Indalloy 106, 63/37, Tin lead solder.
  • Use with an RMA or RA flux.
  • NOTE: This product contains lead. Use ventilation to prevent inhalation of fumes. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not ingest.