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TF-IF150150-010 Indium Foil 150 x 150 x 0.10mm


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image of Pure Indium foil sheet thermal interface material TIM 150 x 150 x 0.10 mm part number TF-IF150150-0.10

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Coming July 18, 2024

99.995% Pure Indium Thermal Interface Foil

      • Part Number: TF-IF150150-010
      • Dimensions: 150.0 x 150.0 x 0.10mm (5.9 x 5.9 x 0.004") (L x W x Th).
      • Purity 4N5 99.995% Indium
      • Thickness: .10mm, 100 microns, 0.004 inches.
      • Thermal conductivity 84 W/m-K .
      • Weight: 1.8 gram
      • 94V-0 UL flammability rating
      • Specific heat: @25°C 233 J/Kg-C
      • Melting point: 156.6°C

SDS Available on request

Pure Indium Thermal Interface Foil .10mm thick (.004in thick)

Pure Indium foil TIM is the only TIM that continues to work at cryogenic temperatures. It remains malleable making it effective as a seal.

  • Flexible foil 99.995% (4N5) Pure Indium based Thermal Interface Material TIM.
  • Able to withstand temperatures from -273 to 155°C
  • Thermal conductivity greater than 10X most thermal greases and thermal sheets (84 w/m-k).
  • Safe for use in vacuum environments, will not outgas.
  • Stays malleable/deformable at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Can be used as a lead free solder.
  • As a solder, Indium will wet most glasses and ceramics.
  • Indium sheet can be cut to size with scissors or an X-acto knife or razor.
  • Is commonly used between laser diodes and their housing or between the diode and the heat sink.

  • Will accommodate;

  • Any TEC TEG or object up to 150x150mm ( 5.9 x 5.9 inches) in size.
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      Specification Sheet
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      About Thermal Interfaces and TIMs

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