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VB Strobe Accessory Board

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VB Strobe Accessory Board

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VB Strobe Accessory Board

  • Part Number: ELC-VBSTROBE
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 12.9 x 14.5mm (1.004 x 0.508 x 0.571") (L x W x Th).
  • Weight:: 3.8 grams

VB Strobe Accessory Board

The VBStrobe charge storage board accumulates charge from an external source (such as a ELC-VB0410-1) and then releases the stored energy in bursts through a strobed high brightness LED.

  • Green LED strobes (flashes) at a nominal 1 Hz frequency.
  • Strobe frequency can be varied by changing on-board resistors and capacitors.
  • Very small package size.
  • Ready for you to attach lead wires (not included) to the input and even a 2nd LED on the ouput.
  • Developed in cooperation with TXL Group, a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric solutions for capturing waste heat energy.


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